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Raw Clay
Gloss Black
Gloss White
Matte Black
Matte White
Cobalt Blue
Love Red
Sunflower Yellow
Apple Green
Citrus Orange

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INTERIOR DESIGN - Our planters feature a modern contemporary and timeless look, with sleek and clean lines perfect for interior design. These planters complement any style of home - both indoor, and outdoors. 

TERRAFIRMA CLAY - Our all-natural porous clay is specially formulated without toxic chemicals to promote healthy and natural plant growth, free of chemical contact. The inside of our planters are intentionally left unglazed so your plant and soil can flourish in a clean and natural environment.

LEAD-FREE GLAZES - All of our glazes are lead-free and non-toxic. 

HANDCRAFTED - Our planters are all hand finished.

OUTDOOR READY - Our planters are durable and are completely suitable for outdoor use as well.

100% RECYCLABLE PACKAGING - Our packaging is 100% recyclable to remain environmentally sustainable! Our clay is also made with recycled materials.

Size Chart

Size Height Outer Diameter Inner Diameter
7 Inch 3.25" 7"
9 Inch 4.25" 9" 7.75"
12 Inch 5.25"
12.25" 11"

*Raw Clay sizes have slightly smaller sizing due to the lack of glaze.